Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

In general, there is a short waitlist at the centre if you require specific days, some of these may already be filled.  If you are not particular about the days you are after then generally you can start straight away, no waiting list.

How do I pay childcare fees?

Fees are required 1 week in advance and payment made via Ezidebit transfer which will be set up upon enrolment.  You will receive weekly statements emailed to you showing your total fee; any government entitlements you may have and your out of pocket expense.  You read more about your fees HERE.

Do I pay if my child doesn’t attend?

Yes.  If you have a permanent booking at the centre fees are payable on days off; holidays; sick days and public holidays, some discounts may apply for holiday days booked off in advance.

Can my child still come to the centre if they are sick?

The centre is not able to care for unwell children as it has to protect all children and educators attending the centre.  If your child has an infectious disease they will be excluded from the centre in accordance with the Staying Healthy in Childcare and the National health guidelines.

How do I get my child ready for starting school?

Our curriculum from birth is developmentally appropriate in assisting children develop their milestones in readiness for the big world.  In the kindy room we run a specific transition to school program which is multilayered in assisting children, families, educators and the community make this transition.

Can we still come if we are running late?

Yes. We ask if you are going to be later than 10.00am, you give us a courtesy call to let us know, so meals can still be made and provided for your child.

Is the kindy programe like school?

Yes.  Both our kindy and school based kindy use the same framework for the planning and implementation of the curriculum (Early Years Learning Framework).  Other factors to consider when choosing between kindy at childcare or school based kindy include: hours  and days of care provided, meals provided, routines, number of weeks per year and accreditation.

What will my child do all day?

The day is made up of mat sessions, purposeful play, meal times, rest time, indoor/outdoor sessions and family grouping.  At all these times the children will be encouraged to participate but never forced.

Is the centre accredited?

Yes the centre is regularly assessed by the Education and Care Regulatory Unit, Department of Local Government and Communities of WA.  You can find out more about all things licensing and regulation here…

How do I speak to the coordinator or educators in the room?

We have a number of ways you can communicate with the coordinator and educators at the centre.  We use face to face communication at drop off and pick-ups; phone, email, Educa (online child portfolio), Facebook, and if you would like to book a time to have a meeting with us, we are more than happy to arrange this.

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