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Fiona is an early childhood educator, having worked within the industry for the past 22 years.  Fiona is the Education Leader (Pedagogista) and Training Manager at Acacia Hill Childcare.  Acacia Hill Childcare currently operates 9 childcare centres across the Perth metro area and follows significant aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach.

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Recently we have had time thinking about the children who have to spend much of their time in Princess Margaret Hospital.  In a small effort to brighten up their day, we made the children a special book and sang some songs in a little concert for them, we had a great time at Radio Lollipop and visiting the children.  We also created a multicultural cook book to sell and donated all of the funds to PMH.

The children had a ball and was a great way to highlight our focus on the community around us.

Western Suburbs Reporter – August 2013

Well, here at Kelmscott childcare centre we have been focusing on our engagement with the local community, it has been great fun, the children have gained a lot through the process as has the local community.  You can see a few snippets of the activities we have been involved in below, its all about child care in the community.

July 2013

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