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About Us

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Stirling Childcare Centre

Who we are

Acacia Hill aim is to assist in raising resilient children to become good members of society. Our team achieves this by working collectively to develop meaningful relationships with the children, families, and the community.

We are passionate about early learning and the education of children through play, so much so that we have developed our own curriculum to guide and support our educators.

We believe a skilled team of educators who are dedicated, passionate and creative provide children with the best opportunities to develop and foster a lifelong love of learning.

What we do

Birth to 2 Years

At this age although small and in so many ways dependant on adults, this age group is full of potential. They are consumers of all the senses – hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. They constantly push their boundaries to develop new skills. This age group constantly observe everything we do, which is why our role modelling is so important in everything we do and say.

2 - 3 Years

We don’t call this age the ‘terrible two’s’ for nothing…… Life is really tough being 2. Toddlers are realizing the world does not always revolve around them and they are not so happy about it. Toddlers are constantly testing the limits, this is not to annoy us although sometimes it may feel that way. They are discovering and learning about cause and effect. Their curiosity about the world around them explodes and they investigate everything and in their own time

3 - 5 Years

Three to five year olds are movers. They want to be involved in everything and with every part of their body. They become a lot more vocal and ask hundreds of questions a day, with one being WHY?. This is because they are so inquisitive and want to know so much about the world around them. They see adults as a great source of information and use their ‘voice tool’ to gather this information. Although three to five year olds seem ‘so grown up’ compared to their baby stages we mustn’t forget they still are little people that need to explore through movement and play.

Our commitment

Our goal is to nurture a fun and friendly learning environment which offers children the security to freely explore, experience and learn.

Our team are respectful and encouraging, values we believe can only exist in a nurturing environment.

The Child

We view the child as the protagonist, we value and harness the natural curiosity and creativity of the whole child and interactions with peers and educators. We explore this curiosity and creativity with wonder, gentle guidance, support and reflection considering every child’s unique needs.

The Educator

As Teachers, we bring our passions to the learning environment on a daily basis. We share our love for our family, pets and friends, we explore our love for food, sports and the outdoors, we read with passion, we share our stories, hopes for the future and experiences with love and respect. We bring our unique skills, passions and talents to the forefront each day to share them with the children, their families, the community and our fellow teachers.

The Journey

We strive to capture the child’s journey and we share this with families. This builds the foundation and history of the centre and contributes to the development of the child. We continuously reflect and learn through this process.

We believe in a cycle of continuous learning and improvement. As educators we learn from and teach each other, we learn from the children and we gain knowledge from being active participants in our own learning and education.

The Enviornment

We consider the environment to be the third teacher. It is important to stop and play, to let children be wondrous of things that are new, explore, investigate, become involved in risk taking, get dirty and express their uniqueness in a safe, homely, healthy, interesting, stimulating and thought provoking environment.