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Picture your child confidently expressing their thoughts, engaging in effective communication, and solving problems with ease. Our carefully designed programs are tailored to foster crucial life skills, including communication, problem-solving, decision-making, self-awareness, and social skills.

Life Skills

We are passionate about Life skills, life skills are abilities that enable individuals to effectively manage and navigate the challenges of daily life. These skills include communication, problem-solving, decision-making, self-awareness, and social skills, among others.

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Our Philosophy

We aspire to nurture a caring and helpful environment in which we lead by example to create a positive and professional setting.  We believe a skilled team of educators who display dedication and initiative provide children with the best opportunities to develop and foster a lifelong love of learning. 

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A Lifetime of Learning

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to give your child the best start in life. Enroll them at Acacia Hill Childcare today and witness the remarkable transformation in their development. Our dedicated team is ready to welcome your child into our loving community and guide them towards a bright and successful future.

Contact us now to schedule a visit and discover firsthand how Acacia Hill Childcare can positively impact your child’s growth and development. Together, let’s unlock their full potential and lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

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Life Skills at Acacia Hill

Life Skills at Acacia Hill

At Acacia Hill, our educators play an important role in assisting the development of life skills in all the children that come through our doors every day.  We believe it is important to share this with you so we can work together as a team to support your child. As...

Acacia Hill turns 30 – Hip, Hip Hooray

Acacia Hill turns 30 – Hip, Hip Hooray

    It has been a wonderful milestone to achieve.  Our little family business that started out with 2 migrant sisters settling in Perth, Western Australia taking on a small yet quaint 23 place childcare centre in the Western suburbs to the well-known,...