A new Reggio Inspired childcare centre is OPEN NOW in Armadale, focused on building community, educating children through play and building a team of passionate educators.



Birth to Two years

At this age although small and in so many ways dependant on adults, this age group is full of potential.  They are consumers of all the senses – hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling.  They constantly push their boundaries to develop new skills.  This age group constantly observe everything we do, which is why our role modelling is so important in everything we do and say.


Two to Three years

We don't call this age the 'terrible two's' for nothing......  Life is really tough being 2.  Toddlers are realizing the world does not always revolve around them and they are not so happy about it.  Toddlers are constantly testing the limits, this is not to annoy us although sometimes it may feel that way.  They are discovering and learning about cause and effect.  Their curiosity about the world around them explodes and they investigate everything and in their own time.

Three to Five years

Three to five year olds are movers.  They want to be involved in everything and with every part of their body.  They become a lot more vocal and ask hundreds of questions a day, with one being WHY?.  This is because they are so inquisitive and want to know so much about the world around them.  They see adults as a great source of information and use their 'voice tool' to gather this information. Although three to five year olds seem 'so grown up' compared to their baby stages we mustn't forget they still are little people that need to explore through movement and play.

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making learning visible

We document and share observations, photos & videos with parents, to their phones. Receive instant feedback. You control who sees what, Grandparents live interstate or overseas? you can give them access and they can keep up to date.

Sick of long email chains and multiple communication channels? Having documentation and conversations in one place is easier to manage. Less is missed.

Everything related to your child is recorded securely in a downloadable portfolio. This includes our assessment and planning modules. Best of all, it stays with you, forever.

Educa has reports on your Childs activities, progress against developmental milestones and teacher activity.

Centre details

Address: 210 Jull St, Armadale, WA 6112

Phone: 6117 9711

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm

Armadale Childcare Centre

Armadale Childcare Centre
210 Jull St Armadale.

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