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At Armadale Childcare Centre we pride ourselves in providing a fun and friendly environment where children feel safe and secure, families feel valued for their uniqueness and the community is respected and involved.

Here at Armadale Childcare Centre we offer educational programmes based on play, that are developed and supervised by qualified teaching specialists. Our family of carers are not only suitably qualified, they are also compassionate, friendly, supportive individuals.

Armadale Childcare Centre



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Monday to Friday: 6:30am – 6:00pm


As we’ve travelled, my daughter has attended 4 different daycares within her almost 5 years of life and Acacia hill Armadale has by far topped them all. A lot of daycare centres boast educational curriculums and catering to the individual needs and abilities of your child.

Jasmeet and the childcare staff at Acacia Armadale actually make this happen on a daily basis. I have seen and heard with enthusiasm from my daughter the activities which the childcare staff do with her. They are catered to her as an individual and also the interests of the class as a whole.

Following in line with the children’s current enthusiasm on topics, they expand into the science and arts behind these themes. My daughter comes home with real knowledge she is genuinely excited about and I can’t commend the carers and centre enough on being able to pull this off with a group of children so young. The staff genuinely care for each child and it shows as all the kids there are happy and inclusive of each other. We will miss these lovely people and I am thoroughly appreciative for the memories they have created for my daughter. 

Claire Robertson

I was so scared/nervous to send my girl to daycare.
Delilah has been going for a few months now and she LOVES IT!

Even in the days she doesn’t go, she asking to go to daycare. She loves telling me all about her day on the car ride home.

All the ladies who work there are so kind, caring and amazing, Delilah adores them all.

Knowing she’s with all these amazing ladies makes me feel so at ease.

I always look forward to reading her stories and seeing her photos, and I love being updated on everything they get up too and Delilah has learnt so much.

Couldn’t recommend this child care centre and the ladies who work there enough 

Alisha Warwick

The difference we see in Leighton, especially his confidence and decision making is noticeable and awesome. Thank you so much to the hard-working team at Acacia Hill for guiding our little might mouse.


He’s becoming such an independent super star! Thank you ladies for everything you do xx


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What we do.

Our aim is to assist in raising resilient children to become good citizens.
We do this by building meaningful relationships with the children, their families and the community.

Birth to 2 Years

At this age although small and in so many ways dependant on adults, this age group is full of potential. They are consumers of all the senses – hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. They constantly push their boundaries to develop new skills. This age group constantly observe everything we do, which is why our role modelling is so important in everything we do and say.

2 - 3 Years

We don’t call this age the ‘terrible two’s’ for nothing…… Life is really tough being 2. Toddlers are realizing the world does not always revolve around them and they are not so happy about it. Toddlers are constantly testing the limits, this is not to annoy us although sometimes it may feel that way. They are discovering and learning about cause and effect. Their curiosity about the world around them explodes and they investigate everything and in their own time

3 - 5 Years

Three to five year olds are movers. They want to be involved in everything and with every part of their body. They become a lot more vocal and ask hundreds of questions a day, with one being WHY?. This is because they are so inquisitive and want to know so much about the world around them. They see adults as a great source of information and use their ‘voice tool’ to gather this information. Although three to five year olds seem ‘so grown up’ compared to their baby stages we mustn’t forget they still are little people that need to explore through movement and play.

The Reggio Approach

At Acacia Hill our philosophy and curriculum has been heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach. 

Armadale Childcare Centre

Armadale Childcare Centre
210 Jull St Armadale.

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