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At Stirling Childcare Centre we pride ourselves in providing a fun and friendly environment where children feel safe and secure, families feel valued for their uniqueness and the community is respected and involved.

Here at Stirling Childcare Centre we offer educational programmes based on play, that are developed and supervised by qualified teaching specialists. Our family of carers are not only suitably qualified, they are also compassionate, friendly, supportive individuals.

Stirling Childcare Centre



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Monday to Friday: 6:30am – 6:30pm


I would just like to say a huge thank you to Acacia Hill and their staff for looking after Hunter since he was 3 months old.  It has meant so much to Hunter and to Robin and I – that Acacia Hill has always been there for us during all the good and tough times. You have been a life-saver for us!  Your centres are beautiful! Your staff are lovely and the food always looks so delicious!  I feel very teary writing this. 

We will miss you all. But Trish, we will miss you being the Acacia Hill person for us, you have been so helpful and supportive of Hunter at day-care Trish – thank you so much.  Thank you Connie for being a lovely and very professional coordinator.  There are so many happy memories that we will always cherish – thank you Acacia Hill!

Theresa Kay

Our little girl has been in Stirling Childcare for a few months now and we couldn’t be happier. She is always well taken care of, communication is fantastic and the educators are just wonderful. They care so much about each and every child, and are always happy to discuss any concerns or goals you have for your bub.

It was important to me that the centre is accredited, and has good policies in place (which they do). It’s so reassuring to know your child is in the best of care.

We could not have selected a better place for our little girl to spend her days when I’m working. She is always so happy to go there in the morning and full of smiles at the end of the day 

Tara Elizabeth Andela

I give it five stars!!!!

All the girls are amazing, my two boys love going to daycare, they get constant cuddles, and always come home with so much to tell me. They are always flexible and fit us in when we need extra days and I feel like everyone is so kind and caring. I’m really happy having the boys there. 

Vickie Foster

Today is the last day for our daughter at Acacia hill Stirling Daycare Centre.
My wife and I would just like to take a moment to thank all the staff that are there and help make it a great daycare centre.
We have always found the educators and management very nice to deal with and warm and welcoming, even in the chaos of running late for work or exhausted after a long day.
Everyone that has been looking after our little treasure, Alyia-Jean, has been great, but we would like to single out Zoe.
Zoe is the most beautiful person. Not only because our daughter loves her, but Zoe has been very helpful with advice for us to take back home to implement as first time parents.
Alyia-Jean will miss seeing all her friends, but wishes them a wonderful new year
Andrew + Annie

I am so pleased with Acacia Hill Childcare. My 3 year old loves going everyday and has a smile for his teachers as soon as she gets there. I love the variety of activities they have for her everyday and the care that they give her. The staff is very professional and kind. Acacia Hill Childcare is a great asset for families and the children always love their experience! Best Centre around!
We wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of Hridya. She will definitely miss her friends and teachers. 



Our daughter started attend Acacia from approx. 18 months and is sadly leaving to move onto school. 
These important early years at Acacia have helped her to become a confident, self-reliant little girl. We are so grateful to all of the staff for helping to nurture and support her development during this time. 
We are so happy we made the choice to send her to Acacia. 



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What we do.

Our aim is to assist in raising resilient children to become good citizens.
We do this by building meaningful relationships with the children, their families and the community.

Birth to 2 Years

At this age although small and in so many ways dependant on adults, this age group is full of potential. They are consumers of all the senses – hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. They constantly push their boundaries to develop new skills. This age group constantly observe everything we do, which is why our role modelling is so important in everything we do and say.

2 - 3 Years

We don’t call this age the ‘terrible two’s’ for nothing…… Life is really tough being 2. Toddlers are realizing the world does not always revolve around them and they are not so happy about it. Toddlers are constantly testing the limits, this is not to annoy us although sometimes it may feel that way. They are discovering and learning about cause and effect. Their curiosity about the world around them explodes and they investigate everything and in their own time

3 - 5 Years

Three to five year olds are movers. They want to be involved in everything and with every part of their body. They become a lot more vocal and ask hundreds of questions a day, with one being WHY?. This is because they are so inquisitive and want to know so much about the world around them. They see adults as a great source of information and use their ‘voice tool’ to gather this information. Although three to five year olds seem ‘so grown up’ compared to their baby stages we mustn’t forget they still are little people that need to explore through movement and play.

The Reggio Approach

At Acacia Hill our philosophy and curriculum has been heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach. 

Stirling Childcare Centre

Stirling Childcare Centre
U7 / 734 Karrinyup Road, Stirling, WA 6021

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