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Babies Art - communication in childcare

Communication in childcare is vitally important, below I have listed the Top 5 ways childcare centres and families should communicate to receive all the information required about the centre and their children.

When looking for a quality childcare centre an important aspect to look for is the way the centre communicates with families. Many people’s lives are very busy and childcare centres need to take this on board and offer a wide range of communication strategies to attempt to cater to all families.

  1. Daily chats to staff – when dropping off or collecting your child, ask an educator how your child’s day has been. If you have any specific concerns direct your questioning toward this.
  2. Parent Notice Board – All centres should have a parent notice board where information about the centre and governing bodies is kept. If you are not sure where this notice board is located ask a staff member.
  3. Programme – If you are interested in what activities your child has been a part of in the day to assist with conversation in the car on the way home, look at the programme which should is displayed in each room.
  4. Individual Profile books – All children who attend childcare have individual observations completed and these should be stored in a place accessible to parents for viewing their children.
  5. Newsletters – All centres should put out a regular newsletter updating families of what is happening in the centre

In addition to these top 5, many people today find it easy be updated and respond to information through email. Find out your centres email address and contact them at a time convenient to you to get information you require.

Also, With the wonderful invention of the internet, communication has been made so much easier with tools such as Facebook. ‘Like’ your centre and receive their regular updates of what is happening about the place.

Happy Communicating