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Have you ever seen the instant smile and twinkle in the eye of a grandparent as their grandchild walks into the room? Lets not underestimate the power that relationship can have with a Grandparents role in child care experience.old hand and baby hand pic - grandparents role in child care I have and it is a pretty special moment to capture. The air is full of love and happiness where nothing else matters.

I’m sure many grandparents get to spend special moments with their grandchildren and hear all the wonderful stories from their parents, but what made the day of my children’s grandparents was receiving an email from the childcare centre they attended about what they had been up to while at daycare.

Below are the top 5 ways of involving grandparents in the childcare experience

• Supply the centre with the grandparents email address (with permission of course).

• Have the centre email, newsletters and learning stories (refer to last week’s blog on learning stories) to the grandparents. This keeps them in touch with what is happening in the child’s life at daycare and can assist in discussions with the child at home.

• Have the grandparents come in and see the child at day care. Bring them along one day to pick up, so they can see all the wonderful things that are happening.

• Be sure to pass on details of events at the centre such as ‘Grandparents Day’, Christmas parties etc for all to be involved in.

• Lastly have the grandparents complete a ‘Grandparent Input’ sheet about their grandchild if the centre provides one.


Pass on the love and happiness children bring to us by finding different ways to share it with the older generation.