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mother-and-child-reading - special momentsSitting in the lounge room the other day my 19 month old brought one of his books to me, put it on my lap and grunted. He climbed up on the chair, sat beside me and placed his hands in his lap. I asked him if he wanted me to read him the book. He looked at me and smiled – it was one of those special moments.

10 minutes later, there we were, still on the chair together and reading the same book. After I finished reading it for what seemed like the 15th time, he looked at me and said ‘more, more’

It got me thinking about the incidental ‘special moments’ we have with our children. They don’t have to be planned, organised or costly. The simple act of sitting together reading a book, has given both of us memories that will last us forever.

Famous children’s author Mem Fox has written ‘10 read aloud commandments’ for parents. Our ‘special moment’ the other day may have even been educational………

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