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I have really been focusing lately on why it is so important for us to read to our children from a young age, how to read to them and what the benefits are.  There is so much information out there on the net about reading to children; I have been reading different articles for weeks now.

The following article I came across sat well with me………  It ticked quite a few boxes of things I already do with my children: read the same book over and over again, read the junk mail together – (this is a weekly activity in our house), read books of interest (for my son this is any book about transport especially diggers, buses and trains) and create conversation – just talking to one another.

Read the article below, how are you assisting your child in reading without even realizing it?

Reading to Children

It is clear that reading to children is critically important, it is such an easy way to help all those little connections in the brain do what they need to do.  The more we read to our children the better off they will be, more prepared for school, interact better socially, develop conversation skills and enhance their creativity.  Why not read the junk mail to your child the next time you get it out of the mail box.