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So I’ve taken the advent calendar one step further. I’ve decide to include a children’s christmas craft activity everyday for the whole family to participate in. I want our children to enjoy preparing for this special time of the year, but I also want them to think of others less fortunate than themselves so I have added in some activities to make sure this happens.

My families 24 days pre-Christmas look like this

1 – put up the Christmas tree

2 – put up Christmas lights outside

3 – have a candle lit bubble bath

4 – write a list of 10 things you are thankful for

5 – write letters to Santa

6 – each family member buy a Christmas decoration

7 – play Christmas songs to celebrate the end of school

8 – write a family Christmas story. Write one line then the next person writes the next line

9 – have a fancy dress dinner party

10 – buy a gift for a child on the Target Christmas tree

11 – make a magazine Christmas tree

12 – have a family wii night

13 – make a friendship bracelet for someone special

14 – pick 2 toys you no longer need that you can give to less fortunate children for Christmas

15 – make Christmas cards for the family

16 – go driving around looking at Christmas lights

17 – make Christmas snow flakes

18 – Christmas baking

19 – hot chocolate and Christmas movie night

20 – Get toe nails painted for Christmas

21 – build Christmas tree for our holiday house

22 – walk along beach with torches

23 – Christmas snacks by the pool

24 – get food and drinks organised for Santa and the reindeers


I hope you enjoy not only creating your list of children’s christmas crafts but also enjoy completing the list.  Ticking off each of these activities is sure to generate some great quality family time.