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What is happening in our society?  When it is recommended that children in Child Care are not to blow out their candles on their birthday cake.  It makes me wonder about the rest of the rules and regulations we have to follow.

It is interesting to think about how are we being ‘made’ to raise our children, when people in suits are taking the fun and play out of childhood!

A recent report made some startling points that have me shaking my head, take a look here

“The ministerial reassurance came after National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines released on Tuesday advised against blowing out candles on birthday cakes being shared at childcare centres.” 

There are so many guidelines and rules that must be followed in childcare that limit the experiences and learning that can be offered to the children and now some of the fun the children get to have in celebrating a birthday is slowly being taken away.  I ask myself, how many children have caught a life threatening illness in the last 100 years from another child blowing out their birthday candles?

The study talks about childcare as if it is a germ infested petri dish of organisms just waiting to jump up and indiscriminately cause severe illness to any child.  When i think about all the things my little ones have put in their mouths, up their noses or in their hands it is a wonder they have made it to the ages they are.  They have eaten snails, munched on the handles of trollies at the supermarket, played with the contents of their nappies… and thats just the things i know about, the look on their faces sometimes tell me they have done much worse, if only i had have seen them 10 seconds earlier.

I also think this article is very degrading for childhood educators.  It may as well be saying they do not have the intelligence to decide whether or not a child is ‘healthy enough’to blow out their birthday candles.  Childcare centres have policies and procedures in place that do not allow infectious children to be present at the centre, therefore candle blowing should be a safe practice.

Yes there are germs in childcare, but no more than the local shopping centre, park, cafe or office door handle.  As many have pointed out, if anything, child care centres are a great place for children to build an immune system and give them strength for those first few years at school where…guess whatthere are Germsand birthday cakes.