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 Toilet training boys and sleeping in a bed, these are 2 of the biggest topics being discussed and researched at the moment in my house and at daycare.

We have a beautiful and very energetic 28 month old who is larger than life causing a few issues in our house.  On the weekend he decided he was big enough and clever enough to climb out of his cot and since that first time there has been no turning back.  Every time we place him in his cot for a sleep… or for discipline 🙂  within seconds he is back out in the living area giggling and bathing in the joy and excitment of getting out.  It is very cute seeing his giggling face pop out around the corner, but I know what he is going to be like come late afternoon when he has not had his sleep (we have now ecperienced this).  So what to do………  I could put him in a sleeping bag so he couldn’t get his legs over the cot; I could sit in his room and wait for him to fall asleep; or I could finally come to terms with the fact our baby has grown into a little boy and needs to move into a bed.  This is apparently what I should be doing according to the internet.

Our other dilemma at the moment is ‘toilet training’……….  How do you know when your child is ready?  I feel I should know, I have 2 other children I have toilet trained, but it was a few years ago and they are girls.  I feel it is very different this time round with a boy.  I think he is giving us the signs he is nearing the time……. On an irregular basis he takes his nappy off and goes and sits on the toilet but I’m not sure if this is because he gets a little lolly if he goes to the toilet as he never actually does anything when he is there.  He is getting good however at letting us know when he has done number 2’s.  I have googled many websites today about toilet training and don’t know if I’m ready to take the plunge.  I think sometimes it is more about us than the child……

I would love any advise anyone can offer on toilet training boys