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In February the staff delved into what we could do to build meaningful relationships with our families in the centre.  Different things we looked at were

  • What our parents did for work and how we could bring this into the centre
  • How we could communicate better or more effectively with our families.  We did this through social media; emailing and providing hard copies of our monthly centre newsletters; sending home cards and notes to our families; encouraging families to read and comment on children’s learning stories
  • Celebrating everyone’s family with family photos displayed in the centre
  • having parents helpers in at the centre seeing what we do all day
  • Celebrating everyones cultures

By participating in the above activities throughout the month of February it gave better opportunity for the staff in the centre to get to know the families better and share with them what was happening at the centre on a daily basis.

Our Reggio Emilia focus for the month was exploring and playing through singing.  The children created instruments and played with instruments while singing, learnt about musical notes and most obviously spent alot of their days engaged in song.

Here are a few photos showing best practice in action……. Enjoy

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