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We are all different, our perceptions, our paradigms, our passions, all are different.

As Albert Einstein said:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  

 albert einstein

We all spend so much of our lives at work sometimes our passions tend to go unattended.  This can cause us to become unhappy; unsattisfied; not as confident; and loose that spark we like to have.  This month in the centres we encouraged our staff to bring their passions to work and share them with the children.  This allowed our staff to show off their ‘genius’, open up a little and share what they enjoyed doing that brings happiness to their lives.

Some of the passions the staff shared with the children included

  • cooking
  • photography
  • singing
  • dancing
  • yoga
  • music
  • rugby

The children enjoyed learning and being involved with their educators in a more personal manner.  It definately created a very happy work environment

Our other interest for the month from our 100 hundred languages focus was on inventing.  The ability to invent requires something that comes very naturally to most children.  We as educators sometimes need to take a step back and instead of putting solutions to the children we should be providing them with open ended questions and resources to investigate, explore, trial and problem solve.

5 types of open ended questions we asked the children to start the inventing process included

  • What do you think about this? Why?
  • What should we try next?
  • How many ways can you use these [egg cartons, paper towel rolls, bags, etc.]?
  • How can we make this better?
  • What would happen if…?

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