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The Journey to Our Reggio approach

The Journey to Our Reggio approach

Here we are……

After a recent trip to Reggio Emilia we have had our passion for the Reggio approach reignited and are embarking on a journey to embed the approach in so much more of what we do.  We have been inspired to learn more about the Reggio approach and how we can implement it here in Perth . (more…)

Radio Lollipop and Humpty Dumpty Childcare

Radio Lollipop and Humpty Dumpty Childcare

Recently we have had time thinking about the children who have to spend much of their time in Princess Margaret Hospital.  In a small effort to brighten up their day, we made the children a special book and sang some songs in a little concert for them, we had a great time at Radio Lollipop and visiting the children.  We also created a multicultural cook book to sell and donated all of the funds to PMH.

The children had a ball and was a great way to highlight our focus on the community around us.

Humpty dumpty childcare western suburbs reporter


Copy of article from Western Suburbs Reporter.

Kelmscott Child Care in the community

Kelmscott Child Care in the community

Well, here at Kelmscott childcare centre we have been focusing on our engagement with the local community, it has been great fun, the children have gained a lot through the process as has the local community.  You can see a few snippets of the activities we have been involved in below, its all about child care in the community.

Kelmscott High School in the community

Child care week June 2013 943

The Music students and their Teacher from Kelmscott Senior High school were invited to the centre to sing to the children. They brought along the piano and a guitar. We had so much fun listening to the talented students singing and then they asked the children to sing their favourite songs. The teacher soon picked up the tune so we could sing with music.


Tony Buti MLA in the community

Child care week June 2013 897

We invited Tony Buti MLA to read a story to the children called Possum Magic, he captured  the children  who sat so quietly listening to him .


Southside Care in the community.

Child care week June 2013 1040

This is a presentation to  Tracy from Southside Care. They are a local organisation who distribute food to the needy.  The toddler children collaged a box with food pictures and used it to collect the food  which had been donated by the children and families.


Kelmscott Child Care in the Community

Child care week June 2013

A little article in the community news paper talking about some of our activities from childcare week.


Our Daycare Angel

Our Daycare Angel

Sadly 3 years ago a beautiful little girl from one of the Acacia Hill centres passed away from childhood cancer, our Daycare Angel. Imogen fought a tough battle and was given her Angel wings on 1st May 2010. Since Imogen’s passing her mum has worked tirelessly to give back to those who helped them.  Fiona (Imogen’s mum) would like your help by purchasing one of her ‘ladybirds’ for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.



Toys for Daycare, Outdoor Play

Toys for Daycare, Outdoor Play

Looking for some outdoor play toys for daycare, or home? Do you often wonder what new shiny toys you can buy for the children at home or childcare?

There is no need to spend big dollars on plastic fantastic or even purpose made children’s toys that get used a few times and then forgotten about. Why not pull out those left over pavers you have hiding down the side of the shed and let the children explore with them along side the leaves and trees.

The children at Ballajura childcare Centre had some great fun with some old pavers and here is what will they learn from this……..

  • mathematics skills – counting, shape recognition, weight, pattern, problem solving
  • social skills – working as a team
  • language skills – communicating ideas
  • science skills – material matter
  • creative skills – texture…………………. and many, many more

Next time you are looking at what you can get for the children to play with, look no further than your garden.

Happy recycling and learning.